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On a large construction site, at a music festival or next door while your neighbour builds the new patio; you've probably seen our orange machines around. We are Boels: one of the largest machine rental companies in Europe. As a family business, we believe in personal commitment and a pleasant working atmosphere. With us, you aren't just another number. We want to get to know you and help you grow. Because even though we have grown into an international company, we will always be a close-knit orange family with a regional character. You are supported by a reliable family business, are given the space to grow, are encouraged to innovate and motivated to think green. As long as you keep it orange, of course.

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International and yet local

At Boels, you work at a large multinational where you and your team have local impact. Do you have international ambitions? With 725 branches spread across 18 countries, we offer your career unlimited opportunities. And although we are growing significantly as an organisation, we stay connected as colleagues – as one big orange family.

[International] and yet [local]

Enterprising like a start-up, stable like a corporate

A world that changes every day requires us to change with it. Our solid foundation as a healthy, international company strengthens our enterprising spirit and allows us to see and seize opportunities. From drawing up new work processes to capitalising on innovative developments: with us, you are never standing still.

[Enterprising] like a start-up, [stable] like a corporate

Boels for everyone

We are proud of the diversity and inclusion within Boels: everyone is valued. We employ people from different countries and cultural backgrounds, of all genders and age groups and of all ability levels. This is the key to making us even more successful. Every person helps make our organisation stronger in their own unique way and can count on fair rewards and opportunities for advancement.

Boels [for everyone]

Growing with no limits

Our business is your business. When you think like an business owner, you see opportunities and help our customers and your own career move forward. We are always naturally happy to help you through training, education and coaching. This way, you can continue to develop professionally and personally. It can be local or international, you decide.

Growing with [no limits]

Sustainable business

What you do today affects tomorrow. Our business strategy looks closely at the impact our activities have on the environment and our society. We are developing various initiatives that reduce our environmental footprint while encouraging innovation and economic sustainability. Together, we look out for tomorrow.

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[Sustainable] business

Safe and healthy

In our view, a safe work environment and a healthy lifestyle are inextricably linked. Both have a positive effect on the well-being of our employees. You can only do your job well in a safe workplace and you can do it even better with a healthy lifestyle. Safety first is our top priority, which is why we provide safety training and ensure you work with the right protective equipment. We pay attention to a healthy work-life balance. It's our way of looking out for each other.

[Safe] and [healthy]

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